Saturday, 9 April 2011


Below are a few cakes thats I have found while researching that I thought may interest a few people...

Check the blog out later for offers and updates on loveLea cakes..offers such as we can beat any cake makers price if not you get free cupcakes with your order! ;) !! also.. alot of people are asking if im taking few weeks off or continue all will be told later on in a blog post :) 

 anyhow for now check out these cakes if your interested in any..just send me a message through!


Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Get Learning!

As you may have seen on our tvs you can now learn cake making! and even better you get FREE gifts. The magazine offers  tips and tricks to make yummy cakes  its called Baked & Delicious. I never turned to magazines to learn cake making..I taught my self how to make and decorate cakes..but those of you who are wanting to learn should subscribe I think it would come in handy when you want a cake for your lil ones birthday or cupcakes for a special occasion! the first issue is out now for more information check out Baked & Delicious website..

In the next few weeks ill be adding tutorials to my blog so you can learn with loveLea cakes which is 100% free just keep checking back on my blog if your on my facebook ill keep you updated on my status.

on to my cakes... Ive just finished a cake which I thought was going to be quite easy turned out I was wrong. A dartboard cake is my latest cake. I spent two days on it due to having to start again on the detail! every bit of detail was cut separately and all made from icing - I really should of piped the outlines but I always make things difficult haha! Next week I am going to be really busy with a busty lady and a boys toy cake and 2 others ill post pics of them in the making perhaps to show how cakes are shaped and covered with Icing.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Must do's

Ive not posted for a while things have been abit crazy at home and my heads been in bits therefore I haven't made any cakes. I'm normally very organised I'm probably one of the most organised people you will ever meet love a list or two. My first thing to do is get a new book people asking for cakes have been written down all over in my book! its driving me mad so new book is a must. Blog more is another must do apart from that if Ive not messaged you back I'm really sorry just juggling cakes and a 2 year old is hard work esp when having personal problems at home bare with me I will reply eventually - if you want to make sure Ive got your cake in my book all you have to do is contact me through face book! - Ill post tomorrow with some research on different ideas you could have for celebration cakes! anyhow here is a groovy cake to look at until updates tomorrow..

please note this is research not loveLeas cake:
however can be duplicated just send me a message on facebook.

Saturday, 5 March 2011


I'm disappointed to have  found out my tatty teddy had a lil accident.. the nose fell off and went all floppy.. I'm gutted! the weight of the icing would not hold at least I know for next time.. to use a crispy treat perhaps! the bad week Ive had clearly reflected on my cake making =(!!

Friday, 4 March 2011

Me to Mandy.

I finally got to have a go at doing Tatty aka me to you in full.. most cake makers use foam for the head but I managed to make it all out of cake! ... there was a few problems..I normally use black dye but I only had extra black which made it go darker then I wanted to apart from that everything went ok ill morning the weight of the icing for his nose and mouth it was slowly falling off so I had to do the whole thing again I know I could of done alot better but things are upside down at home this week and think its reflected on my cake making.. anyhow here is  the finished cake..

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Ready - Steady - Bake !

Yay! Im all set up for tommorow..

Im finally getting to make a Me to you bear cake! this is one of a few cakes I have been wanting to make for a long time.. Ive already completed a Me to you bear head  in icing and in cake tommorow is the big day I try the full body! I hope they going to be happy with it keep looking back for the result!

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

New Competition! Coming Soon!

Another competition will be posted later tonight to win another 24 FREE Cupcakes..  keep checking for details later tonight!

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Sunday Post.. Branding / Im urs / Mothers day Ideas

First of all yippieeee!! for loveLea cakes to get our own t-shirts they look brilliant thanks to all occasions! who printed them and Sarah Naylor who helped with the logo design. Those who check the blog out and my facebook page will have seen them already or you may have spotted me round town wearing it!. Ive had 4 people asking for one so they must be good hehe! £13 pound please and ill go get you one haha! below is a lil preview of them..!

Secondly, after having 2 months not making cakes Im slowly getting back into it therefore I wont be taking alot on only making so many a week so first come first served! Im happy to be anyones cake maker! every cake made is made with thoughtfulness take advantage of my 4 years in art and design and push my limits in design and cake making! I welcome any challenge , I spend over 8-10 hours min on a cake therefore wont be taking many on however.

Thirdly Ive done a little research on Mothers day cakes and here is a groovy idea..Cupcakes bouquets can be all edible or the pot can be real..If you interested message me on facebook and we can discuss design!

please note these are not loveLea cakes images you will get this duplicated!

Thats all for this Sundays post! Thanks for checking out the blog so far theres been over 1000 hits already!

loveLea cakes wants to hear from you!

Simply send Lea a message or a comment on with any suggestions on..
  • Competitions and prizes
  • Bundle Deals
  • And special offers!
If we use your idea we will give you  4 Free cupcakes.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Mothers Day.

Busy posting on my blog tonight lots to share! Ive been researching all different kinds of cakes tonight.. looking at ideas for mothers day and this jumped out at me its lush!. Would be perfect for my mammy ! pitty she dont eat much cake lol!

not a loveLea cake - however want this making? read below

Treat the most important lady in your life, Mammy dearest! this Mothers Day:
Inbox me for details on

Deal 2. Story Time!

This bundle is for you guys who have little people!

please note cake not made by loveLea cakes.

Whats the big deal?
The bundle deal is basicly for people who want both cakes and cupcakes for a afforable deal price..

What do you get?
  • 12inch cake  designed with ANY characters you like can be anything from thomas to spiderman or hello kitty! or even disney princess!  a personal story for your little one! will have relief and such colourful detail!
  • 15 FREE matching cupcakes to your theme!
Message me on for details.

Each cake made would be a one off to your son or daughter not duplicated for anyone else!

Changing others.

Here is a example of making 'cakes my own'... Vicky came to me for a cake.. and I suggested this one after doing a little research however did not copy it exact I tweaked a few bits to make it slightly my own..this shows you that sending me a picture of a certain cake I may change a few areas on the cake just to make it my own however I dont mind duplicating a picture but I do prefer to make changes or even come up with my own design.

This is the picture I suggested..(not my cake)

loveLea cakes.

Bundle Deal 1. Me to you aka Tatty Teddy

Me To You Bear Theme Bundle

Me to you made by loveLea cakes.

Whats the bundle deal about?
The bundle deal is basicly for people who want both cakes and cupcakes for a afforable deal price..

This is bundle 1 out of 3... this one would be aimed at girls all ages..

What do you get?
  • 8/9inch sponge cake ( either chocolate or jam and buttercream)
  • 10 Tatty Teddy cupcakes with a jam surprise..
Suitable for small parties..

below is a picture of roughly what you would be getting.. but done in loveLea style..

 contact me on for more details

Friday, 18 February 2011

Bundle deal.

You want to do that little extra thing special for you son/daughters birthday this year? but at the moment money is tight? and what better for your childs birthday to have a cake AND cupcakes? Im going to put 2 bundles of images together which your will be able to have for a set price for the next month ! keep checking the blog for more details!

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Personal friends cakes..

I normally do research on cakes on the Internet to get ideas,I will be posting a few on the blog every week. I dont add other cake makers to my Facebook after having bother with one cake maker when I started to make cakes I cant be bothered  with the chew or the fact they create drama I keep myself to myself so I dont really see other Hartlepools cake makers work.. however I do have two ladies on my list who are on my personal Facebook also who make cakes for their hobbie and would like to show you some of their work..I love talking cakes with these two they are both very friendly and have a eye for cake making.. the two ladies are Dawn and Kirsty and here are my fave cakes they have done.. ! I hope they dont mind me showing you their work but I think they are brilliant!

Made by Dawn

Made by Kirsty

Ive also added watermarks over my imagery, Im aware people are putting there photos on their walls to show friends im fine with this just dont want other cake makers taking credit for my work as I work hard!

Sneak Preview of loveLea tshirts..

The winner of the competition is..

well.. before I reveal..Ill tell you how I did it.. I written everyones name down on paper..put it in my little boys plastic pan {haha!} and then Logan had the honor to pick out the lucky person.. simple I thought until after he puts it in my hand he snatches it back and puts it in his mouth! so I had to chase him round for 10 mins while he finds it amusing..anyhow once I got the paper off him this was the result!..

Congratulations Donna Mclean who has won herself 24 FREE cupcakes! Yay!

Thank you to those who took part in the competition will be doing another one real soon ;)!

Theres a snake in my boots!

Yay! Woody has arrived today for a cake on Friday. Lucky little boy is not only going to get a groovy cake but a new toy aswell couldnt ask for more really? I also got a buzz one aswell just incase someone wanted a buzz cake =) bargainnn!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Competition: Top 10

After watching my inbox all afternoon there were 10 people who had 5 confirmed added Friends to loveLeas friend list from over 500+ friend request/suggestions. The following 10 people will enter the draw tommorow, my little boy Logan is going to do the big pick { while be photographed }.

  1. Kay Samuels
  2. Chelley Hart
  3. Nicola Hunter
  4. Donna Mclean
  5. Deanne Cherrypie Brackstone
  6. Tori Hodgman
  7. Kelly x Stephen Mcgarry
  8. Anthony Day
  9. Mandy Gough
  10. Tracey Rolling
Thanks to everyone who got involved ! I will be doing another competition real soon! Good Luck to the top 10 yay!

Cutting Thomas the Tank Engine cake..

Unfortuantly I did not take photos of the cake being iced but here is a sneak peak of the cake being shaped as our childrens favourate choo choo train Thomas he Tank Engine!. This image also doesnt show the filling inside..I might do this the next time.

We got t-shirts!

Black. Smart and Original.

Facebook Competition {TRY before you Buy}

For all of my friends on facebook to say Thank you for the support.

The Competition
Want to get yourself some free cupcakes 24 infact? you could give them to your son/daughters classmates or hand them out at work or just even enjoy them for yourself ;)! competition is simple and very very easy!

You need to suggest loveLea cakes to your  friends, the first 10 people who get 5 friends EACH to add loveLea {ill tally chart your names} will go into the draw 1 name from those 10 people will be picked randomly {old fashion picking a name out of a hat} and they will recieve 24 FREE cupcakes =) yay! Competition wont end until we have the 10 people with their 5 friends so plenty of time!... Good Luck!

One of my finds.

  {Storybook cake: a idea id like to try!}

Doing a little research, I came across this its so different and could have any story on the pages princess, pre school, disness etc.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Facebook {status}

Thinking of doing a comp to win 24 cuppycakes to hand out at work or even for your child to hand out to their classmates ;)


Thank you to those who have been supporting me and giving me the chance at doing them a cake. The feedback {on the right side --> } has been brilliant and means alot to me. I spend more then  8-10 hours on a cake the feedback makes it all worth it! Im hoping to work for these people again and be there cake maker for many years to come! Thanks again! and Thanks to those who are passing my name {loveLea cakes}on.

And a big thank you to Sarah Naylor for doing my graphics for me such as tags, banners and t-shirts!

I have a secret.

For my cakes I only use the best ingredients, which many cake makers do its no secret on what to use to get a tasty good textured cake however I use something extra which people always spot in my cakes, I dont mind sharing what ingredients I use Bero, Silverspoon etc but the question mark will be staying secret.


The begining of my cake portfolio, began back in August 2010.