Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Competition: Top 10

After watching my inbox all afternoon there were 10 people who had 5 confirmed added Friends to loveLeas friend list from over 500+ friend request/suggestions. The following 10 people will enter the draw tommorow, my little boy Logan is going to do the big pick { while be photographed }.

  1. Kay Samuels
  2. Chelley Hart
  3. Nicola Hunter
  4. Donna Mclean
  5. Deanne Cherrypie Brackstone
  6. Tori Hodgman
  7. Kelly x Stephen Mcgarry
  8. Anthony Day
  9. Mandy Gough
  10. Tracey Rolling
Thanks to everyone who got involved ! I will be doing another competition real soon! Good Luck to the top 10 yay!

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