Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Get Learning!

As you may have seen on our tvs you can now learn cake making! and even better you get FREE gifts. The magazine offers  tips and tricks to make yummy cakes  its called Baked & Delicious. I never turned to magazines to learn cake making..I taught my self how to make and decorate cakes..but those of you who are wanting to learn should subscribe I think it would come in handy when you want a cake for your lil ones birthday or cupcakes for a special occasion! the first issue is out now for more information check out Baked & Delicious website..http://www.baked-and-delicious.com/

In the next few weeks ill be adding tutorials to my blog so you can learn with loveLea cakes which is 100% free just keep checking back on my blog if your on my facebook ill keep you updated on my status.

on to my cakes... Ive just finished a cake which I thought was going to be quite easy turned out I was wrong. A dartboard cake is my latest cake. I spent two days on it due to having to start again on the detail! every bit of detail was cut separately and all made from icing - I really should of piped the outlines but I always make things difficult haha! Next week I am going to be really busy with a busty lady and a boys toy cake and 2 others ill post pics of them in the making perhaps to show how cakes are shaped and covered with Icing.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Must do's

Ive not posted for a while things have been abit crazy at home and my heads been in bits therefore I haven't made any cakes. I'm normally very organised I'm probably one of the most organised people you will ever meet love a list or two. My first thing to do is get a new book people asking for cakes have been written down all over in my book! its driving me mad so new book is a must. Blog more is another must do apart from that if Ive not messaged you back I'm really sorry just juggling cakes and a 2 year old is hard work esp when having personal problems at home bare with me I will reply eventually - if you want to make sure Ive got your cake in my book all you have to do is contact me through face book! - Ill post tomorrow with some research on different ideas you could have for celebration cakes! anyhow here is a groovy cake to look at until updates tomorrow..

please note this is research not loveLeas cake:
however can be duplicated just send me a message on facebook.

Saturday, 5 March 2011


I'm disappointed to have  found out my tatty teddy had a lil accident.. the nose fell off and went all floppy.. I'm gutted! the weight of the icing would not hold at least I know for next time.. to use a crispy treat perhaps! the bad week Ive had clearly reflected on my cake making =(!!

Friday, 4 March 2011

Me to Mandy.

I finally got to have a go at doing Tatty aka me to you in full.. most cake makers use foam for the head but I managed to make it all out of cake! ... there was a few problems..I normally use black dye but I only had extra black which made it go darker then I wanted to apart from that everything went ok ill morning the weight of the icing for his nose and mouth it was slowly falling off so I had to do the whole thing again I know I could of done alot better but things are upside down at home this week and think its reflected on my cake making.. anyhow here is  the finished cake..

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Ready - Steady - Bake !

Yay! Im all set up for tommorow..

Im finally getting to make a Me to you bear cake! this is one of a few cakes I have been wanting to make for a long time.. Ive already completed a Me to you bear head  in icing and in cake tommorow is the big day I try the full body! I hope they going to be happy with it keep looking back for the result!