Saturday, 12 March 2011

Must do's

Ive not posted for a while things have been abit crazy at home and my heads been in bits therefore I haven't made any cakes. I'm normally very organised I'm probably one of the most organised people you will ever meet love a list or two. My first thing to do is get a new book people asking for cakes have been written down all over in my book! its driving me mad so new book is a must. Blog more is another must do apart from that if Ive not messaged you back I'm really sorry just juggling cakes and a 2 year old is hard work esp when having personal problems at home bare with me I will reply eventually - if you want to make sure Ive got your cake in my book all you have to do is contact me through face book! - Ill post tomorrow with some research on different ideas you could have for celebration cakes! anyhow here is a groovy cake to look at until updates tomorrow..

please note this is research not loveLeas cake:
however can be duplicated just send me a message on facebook.

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