Thursday, 17 February 2011

Personal friends cakes..

I normally do research on cakes on the Internet to get ideas,I will be posting a few on the blog every week. I dont add other cake makers to my Facebook after having bother with one cake maker when I started to make cakes I cant be bothered  with the chew or the fact they create drama I keep myself to myself so I dont really see other Hartlepools cake makers work.. however I do have two ladies on my list who are on my personal Facebook also who make cakes for their hobbie and would like to show you some of their work..I love talking cakes with these two they are both very friendly and have a eye for cake making.. the two ladies are Dawn and Kirsty and here are my fave cakes they have done.. ! I hope they dont mind me showing you their work but I think they are brilliant!

Made by Dawn

Made by Kirsty

Ive also added watermarks over my imagery, Im aware people are putting there photos on their walls to show friends im fine with this just dont want other cake makers taking credit for my work as I work hard!

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